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Around the city of Edirne to Istanbul Daily City Tours, we went to a very nice highway ride after 2.5 hours we reached the city of Edirne. The city is a cultural and historical city of Edirne. Edirne has been the capital city of the Ottoman Empire a special city   Ottoman giants based in the city of Bursa in 1299 and was the first capital here. Sultan Murad second time was the capital city of Edirne, and during this period many works have been gallipoli tours made during the Ottoman period. In 14 53 the conquest of Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire has been istanbul. Edirne old city, two-storey houses are made ​​with classic Ottoman architecture. Jigit pan which wasvery tasty kebab restaurants are doing

Edirne city’s most beautiful buildings and the beautiful structure which h as Selimiye Mosque. Was made by the son of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent sultan. Selimiye mosque in the city’s most from every point of the city’s highest hill seems. which is a magnificent architectural work of art. There are very bursa tours large and spacious courtyard. adorned with a variety of flowers and trees in the garden are unique. burning candle or oil lamp soot in the air flow in the room is being collected. colored in red, green and blue Iznik is decorated with ceramics. very nice manuscript is decorated with calligraphic inscriptions. 4 AdaTTI tall minarets and dome are very thin.

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